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4 Year Olds Classroom, Amsterdam
Teacher(s): Stephanie Church, Jonathan Valovic, Denise Lesiak, and Jacqui Bolibaugh

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June's News




The school year is quickly coming to an end and just like all of the beautiful flowers outside, our students have blossomed into incredible, independent individuals. Every year, we say to ourselves as teachers that we can’t believe how much each group grows and changes. The leaps and bounds that your child has made are almost too amazing for us to put into words. Rachel and I would like to thank each and every person who is a part of our students’ lives, both inside and out of the school setting. We understand how much time goes into keeping consistency in our student’s lives and we appreciate each second that is spent helping our students grow.

                April and May were busy months in our classroom. We focused heavily on the growth process of plants and were even able to plant flowers as a class to turn into a special gift for parents. Our students were able to grasp the concept of how a seed grows by watching our experiment from day to day. Other topics we studied included community helpers, farms and subtraction.

                Most of June is being spent practicing for our highly anticipated Graduation Performance. Every day, we go into the amphitheater and run through our performance so that your child can surely make you smile (and maybe even cry!) on Graduation Day. Concepts such as name recognition and sign language recognition are used throughout our entire routine and we’re excited for our students to impress you with their “rock star” abilities.

                Graduation will take place at our school, in the amphitheater at 10:15am on Thursday, June 20th. Our class will be the second performance of that day, since the three year old rooms will be having a “moving up” ceremony earlier in the morning. We suggest that if you plan on coming to your child’s graduation, that you arrive a few minutes early in order to get situated in your seat before we perform. We also suggest that you do not come down to the classroom before your child performs, since many of our students may become upset or nervous if you “pop” in to say “hello” and then try to leave to your seats without taking them with you. We thank you ahead of time for understanding that we would like your child’s morning to go as normally as possible (if possible, send your child to school on the bus or drop them off at the same time as every other day) so that they will be able to perform at their best!

                We have enjoyed having your child in our class and know that they will be equally, if not more fantastic in their kindergarten year. Congratulations on having a Pre-Kindergarten graduate!

                                                                                                                                           -Liza Sowle


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