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Early Intervention Comprehensive Evaluation Therapy Services
Health & Nutrition Continuing Education Therapeudic Riding Program

Therapy Services

Whispering Pines Preschool provides both services within a center-based program as well as within the community through related services. 

Regulations for IDEA '97 define the term related services as "transportation and such developmental, corrective, and other supportive services as are required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education..." [Section 300.24(a)]. The child’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for Preschool age children, or the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for children in Early Intervention specifies such services. 

Therapy Services We Provide
  • Special Education Itinerant Teacher Services (SEIT)
    Our Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) provides services that allow children to receive assistance in their natural setting, such as a preschool, Headstart, daycare, or the child's home.  Basic early learning skills are addressed, including concepts (i.e. colors, numbers, letters, shapes, same/different), and personal/social relationships.

  • Speech and Language Therapy
    Speech and Language therapists work with a child on a one-to-one basis, in a small group or directly in a classroom to expand language-based communication skills; concentrating on speech and language delays including: receptive and expressive language skills, articulation, stuttering, non-verbal communication, swallowing, and oral-motor concerns.

  • Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Therapy (OT) services can enhance a student’s ability to function in an educational program; addressing delays in fine motor skills including range of motion and strength of small muscle groups, grasp patterns and in hand manipulations, bilateral coordination, visual motor skills and visual perception skills, motor planning, graphomotor (handwriting) skills, sensory integration including sensory modulation, sensory discrimination and adaptive skills in areas of self-care (activities of daily living skills).

  • Physical Therapy
    Our Physical Therapy (PT) services address the child’s delay or limitations in gross (large) motor skills; focusing on improving mobility, posture, balance, gait, coordination, muscle strength, range of motion, the organization of movement in educational environments, and attaining developmental milestones.  Physical therapy may be provided to prevent the onset or progression of impairment, functional limitation, or disability.

  • Social Work
    Our Social Worker provides Social Work/Counseling/Family Support to children and families as specified by the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for Preschool age children, or the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for children in Early Intervention.  This includes working with families on behavior management techniques, understanding children’s social/emotional needs, identifying and filling basic needs, understanding and adjusting to children’s delays or conditions, identifying and addressing environmental or relationship stressors and assisting with the transition process to another school.  The Social Worker also creates and runs Parent Advisory Boards, teaches Parenting classes, and organizes extracurricular or supplemental activities (i.e. Beach Parties, Holiday Parties, Spring Clean Up Day, videotaping project, etc.).  Our Social Worker also assists with evaluations of both Preschool and Early Intervention age children by reviewing and completing social histories and family assessment documents.

  • Counseling Services
    Play therapy is a well researched mode of therapy for working with young children.  Children lack the cognitive maturity to work through their problems while sitting and talking.  Instead, their creative and problem solving process happens through play and social interactions.  Therapists use specific language and play techniques which facilitate a child’s ability to build frustration tolerance, increase attention span, develop impulse control, learn, communicate, express, problem solve and develop self-confidence.  Play therapists may help children learn more adaptive behaviors when there are emotional or social skills deficits. 

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