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Early Intervention Comprehensive Evaluation Therapy Services
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Comprehensive Evaluation

Before your child receives special education or related therapy services, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) require an initial evaluation be conducted. An evaluation includes information from parents, any special medical concerns, interviews with parents and school staff, and various assessments to determine if the child would benefit from special education and/or related services.  

Either a parent of a child or a teacher/professional staff may request an evaluation for a child who is three, four or five years of age.  Within the school, recommendation for evaluation is based on observations of behaviors and abilities within the classroom.  To request an evaluation for your child, call or write to the Committee for Preschool Education (CPSE) or the Committee for Special Education (CSE) within the child’s school district.
  • Infants, birth through three years of age, are evaluated through Early Intervention.  This process differs from the above and can be reviewed through Early Intervention.

Services We Provide

Whispering Pines Preschool provides comprehensive evaluation services for children birth through age five.  With an inter-disciplinary / team approach, children are evaluated in various areas according to the need of the child.  Such services include:

  • Early Learning/Special Education
    Evaluates cognition and basic learning skills including concepts (i.e. colors, numbers, letters, shapes same/different) and personal/social skills and relationships.

  • Speech and Language Therapy
    Evaluates speech and language problems including: receptive and expressive language skills, articulation difficulties, stuttering, non-verbal communication, swallowing, and oral-motor concerns.

  • Occupational Therapy
    Evaluates delays in fine motor skills including range of motion and strength of small muscle groups, grasp patterns and in hand manipulations, bilateral coordination, visual motor skills and visual perception skills, motor planning, graphomotor (handwriting) skills, sensory integration including sensory modulation and sensory discrimination and activities of daily living skills.
  • Physical Therapy
    Evaluates delays or problems in gross (large) motor skills, focusing on improving mobility, posture, balance, gait, coordination, muscle strengthening, range of motion, and attaining developmental milestones.

  • Psychology
    Evaluates cognition/early learning skills, social skills, behavior and adaptive skills.

  • Social History
    Provides an opportunity for the family to provide information about their child that should be included in the comprehensive evaluation.

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